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RAPID: Increasing Healthcare Credential Open Data in Response to COVID-19

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lmolna lmolnar

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Jeffrey D Grann

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District Of Columbia


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The project aims to serve the national need of making more healthcare credentials and competencies publicly available to increase the nation’s capacity to fill jobs in the healthcare sector due to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). Leveraging partnerships with state, national healthcare, and other associations and accreditors will aid in the collection, organization, and analysis of healthcare credentials and competencies. This project aims to publish thousands of additional healthcare credentials with competencies to help healthcare employers utilize credentials for hiring and upskilling workers. By enabling individuals to secure and advance their health career via credentials, the project aims to aid in finding qualified workers with the needed skills and competencies to fill open healthcare positions. Due to COVID-19, this project will address the increased need for publicly available healthcare credential and competency data to advance healthcare workers and help employers fill high-demand jobs in the healthcare sector. The project will develop (1) a nationally scalable infrastructure and a customizable web application to view and compare credentials, (2) partnerships with state, national healthcare and other associations and accreditors to collect, organize, and analyze healthcare credentials and competences, and (3) a foundation to build upon to gather additional healthcare credentials. This project will use the open knowledge network infrastructure developed by Credential Engine to advance the development and availability of healthcare credential and competency information as machine actionable data. The credential and competency data will be encoded as linked open data and published to the Credential Registry and the Web. Having the credential and competency data available online allows the metadata to be consumed by web applications and systems, and ingested by artificial intelligence applications. The project work will leverage, communicate, and be extended through Credential Engine’s partnerships with various organizations and associations to further embed the value of credential and competency transparency to meet labor market needs in the healthcare sector.This RAPID award is made by the Convergence Accelerator program in the Office of Integrative Activities and is associated with the Convergence Accelerator Track B: Future of Work and the Human-Technology Frontier.This award reflects NSF's statutory mission and has been deemed worthy of support through evaluation using the Foundation's intellectual merit and broader impacts review criteria.

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